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little bits of little bits...

Finally back in the studio now that the heatwave has passed and the temps in here have dropped below 36 degrees. Several loads of glazed ceramics making their way through the kiln, just about to open some new clay and start building again. In the meantime, have been finishing some photos which were taken for a model who wants to use them as inspiration for his poetry, with the view to publishing a book of words and images at some future point. Have become distracted by ideas of minimalism and the old fascination from life drawing days as to how much story can be told with the fewest marks (or pixels I guess) on the page.

Long Standing Ideas, New Work, Finally Underway....

The heat has been vanquishing (not sure if thats traditionally an adjective, but it is today), especially in my studio where its above 35 degrees most of the time. But here is the first image from my series exploring the idea of the Muses. In classical mythology there are 9 of them, so this series will be a set of 9 images of 9 different muses. I expect that for the most part, Muses are less than open and clear so wanting to think about the multi-layers of creative process through these images, which are also allowed to simply be pretty at the same time.

Ta Daaa!

The first post here has to be a huge vote of thanks to Micheal Werner for so expertly setting up this blog function on my homepage.

Coming soon, thoughts about creativity and the creative process, visual updates on current projects and photoshoots, and I would safely predict, next week there will be quite a lot of stuff from Berlin.

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