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Bruce Long - Coaching - Art - Photography

The nut shell:
Certainly it would be helpful to explain here exactly what you could expect from our coaching conversations. However, I cannot!

While I offer you professional skills, support, and an opportunity to enhance your creative life - your whole life is no doubt your creative life!- WHAT we set out to do together, WHERE you want to be at the end, WHICH path you take there… these are all unique to you. It is often the case that we will find out a lot by discussing these things, clarifying the specifics of your desired outcomes (maybe even encouraging you to expand them a little!) but in the end, your experience is something I am here to respond to and facilitate, not to determine. Let’s collaborate!

A Bigger Bag Of Nuts:
Although I have studied coaching within the School of Behavioural Sciences at the University of Sydney, coaching can better be described, fittingly, as more an art than a science.

My intention as a coach is to work with interesting people so as to energise and elevate their experience living a creative and artistic life, through supporting those whose ideas and work I appreciate and value. I am fascinated by the processes of creativity as much as the outcomes of it, and would value working along side you as you explore and develop your own creative life and work.

The difficulty in describing coaching succinctly, is that your coaching experience will be unique to you - your personality, your goals, your creativity. We artists and creative people often have unconventional ways of thinking and working, that’s what creativity is all about. Still, imagine being able to channel that energy into your projects and self-expression in even more effective and satisfying ways.

Coaching is a process that uses techniques and ideas from Positive Psychology to help you, the creative person, to make
plans, make progress, and fulfil your creative passions. Many of the questions I might put to you as we talk are founded in the concept that we don’t aim to solve problems. Rather, we aim to replace problems with solutions or situations or realities, that serve us better.

If you feel that you would like to:
• improve the clarity you have about your work;
• increase structure in your processes;
• achieve more;
• have a regular sounding board and point of accountability;

coaching may well provide these for you.

It might seem that words like structure, planning, accountability, and goals do not immediately sit comfortably with how you experience your creativity. We will work together to find ways to make these tried and tested methods workable and useful for you and your way of getting things done.

I am pretty sure that you are already doing at least some of these things, even if you call them something else. Let's find those successful things your are already doing, and do even more of them. If that’s not the case and you answer no, I’m not doing any of those things, chances are you have been frustrated and stuck by not getting done what you know you are capable of.

When I create my art, I know that I am the expert in expressing my own experience and vision, regardless of how much I may need to learn along the way to do that. Similarly, I see you as the expert in your own vision and experience, and offer you coaching as a resource to enhance that, not to influence it.

Can you imagine coaching enhancing your experience as a creative person, even in some hazy way? If you would like to talk about what your experience of coaching could be, please start that conversation by sending me an email.

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