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Bruce Long - Coaching - Art - Photography
Coaching is an ongoing conversation between you and me, which is about clarifying what you want to achieve, forming strategies to reach these goals and building up your motivation and excitement for them along the way. As your coach, I work from the premise that you are the expert in your own life, and by asking the right questions, help you to do more of what is working well and find ways to approach differently those parts of life which are not so satisfying or useful.

It may sound a bit dry on paper, and indeed, my coaching processes are based in evidence-based research findings and scientifically proven methods , as taught at the University of Sydney Coaching Psychology Unit. Nevertheless, coaching is as much creative art as it is scientific procedure because you and your projects are the focus of our conversation.

I have worked with creative people in various fields, for example in planning art exhibitions, publishing books, writing and recording albums as well as providing a weekly point of accountability and focus for those, like me, who are self-employed in creativity based work. Ultimately, the best way to discover how coaching would enhance your creativity is to get in touch and talk with me about your work and where its heading. If you find yourself anywhere on the scale between curious and enthusiastic, why not contact me and arrange a free session to discover what coaching could add to your work and life.